Flathead Fillets 5kgs

Highly discounted Flathead Fillets.

King Snapper Fillets 5kg

Our wild-caught lean King Snapper's Fillets.

Sweet Lip Snapper Fillets 5kgs

FROZEN Snapper Sweet Lip Fillets 5kg Ctn.

Free Range Meat Pack

Our special Free Range Meat Pack BBQ ready and packed for your freezer!

Drover's Meat Pack

A Meat Pack feast for a family of Drovers. BBQ ready and packed for your freezer!

Long Yard Meat Pack

A family feast for freezer storage and meat for some weeks. BBQ and kitchen ready!

Turkey Breast Skin On

SKIN ON Breast Fillet is very versatile. It is the white meat on a Turkey. It can be used in a stroganoff, roast or made into kebabs. This is the leanest of the Turkey cuts. Take care not to overcook, as it is always better a little underdone than overdone; - especially if you are looking to eat your meat as a cold cut. Like most meats, the cooked fillet should be rested before being carved and served.

Turkey Schnitzel 300g

Mouthwatering schnitzels from the breast of the turkey. Tender and moist cuts. There are 242 calories in each serving of Turkey Schnitzel and Schnitzel is a traditional German meal of a meat that is first breaded, and then pan-fried. While most of the true German Schnitzels are made from either pork or veal, we offer premium organic Turkey Breast.

Turkey Shanks 2 Pack

Organic Turkey Shanks from birds bred for meat texture and flavor. Turkey is high in zinc, B vitamins, phosphorus, tryptophan, selenium, and protein. It is low in saturated fat, cholesterol, provided that you do not eat the skin. It can be a part of a healthy eating plan, especially since it is a good source of protein. ... Turkey is rich in potassium and loaded with zinc. Home delivery available.